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The ABCs for your IBCs

drumMUSTER does not accept bulk containers for recycling, the program can only accept containers between 1-205L. However, the good news is the return, reconditioning and recycling of most IBCs is managed by a number of proprietary programs.

ABCs for your IBCs – fact sheet

Schutz Australia

Schutz Australia has a ticket service where resellers or end-users register their empty Schutz containers for collection and reconditioning. When an IBC is empty and returned by the grower, stores should contact Schutz to arrange a collection. All return freight is covered by Schutz.


• Stores must have a minimum of 4 IBCs on hand.

• Schutz will collect from distributors within 10 working days of collection booking.

• Empty containers don’t require rinsing however some conditions apply. Details of the collection conditions are on the ticket located on the label plate of the IBC or the website (see pic).

• Schutz has a collection program for some 100-120L drums used by growers – minimum 10 drums.


To request an IBC collection, visit or phone: 03 9360 9291