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The ABCs for your IBCs

How do you return bulk agvet chemical storage containers?

As more resellers turn to using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for their customers’ agvet chemical needs, many are still unsure about the right way to return IBCs once they’ve been used.

The return process can be confusing, especially with multiple manufacturers of IBCs with different return policies.

Agsafe has prepared a quick and easy guide that may assist users on how to send IBCs back for recycling or reuse.


Schutz Australia

Schutz Australia has a ticketed system where resellers or users register their containers for collection.

When the IBC has been returned by the customer, stores can contact Schutz to arrange a collection.

  • Stores must have a minimum of 4 IBCs on hand.
  • Schutz will collect from distributors within 10 working days of collection booking.
  • Conditions apply: see the ticket system for more information. Information can be found on the containers (see below).

To book in a collection, visit their website, or call 03 9360 9291.


VIP Packaging

VIP Packaging will retrieve a minimum of 50 IBCs from premises. Stores holding less than 50 may be considered for retrieval on a case-by-case basis.

All herbicide, pesticide and fungicide IBCs need to be tripled rinsed before being collected. For further requirements, download their IBC Ag Chem Collection Request Form.

To book in a collection, visit the VIP Packaging website or call 1300 79 RECO (7326).


Tank Management Services

Tank Management Services (TMS) provide a collection service for IBCs in the Eastern States (NSW, QLD & VIC).

The following conditions apply

  1. Containers must be empty
  2. All collections subject to prior approval from TMS. Terms & Conditions can be seen here.

To arrange a collection, call 1800 333 124 or visit the TMS website for more information.