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Since the program began in 1999 drumMUSTER has:

  •  Held 63,114 collections nationwide
  •  Resulting in the collection of 34,984,068 chemical containers
  •  Equating to 39,485 tons of material diverted from landfill
  •  At 823 collection sites nationwide 

The Program Has:

  •  Signed up 484 collection agencies including 358 councils conducting collections
  •  111 active community groups nationwide
    •  That have inspected and collected 4,684,877 chemical containers
    •  This equals to $1,108,117.93 put back into the community 
  •  24 approved processors that remove the collected material and recycle it.
  •  collected 3,521,370 chemical containers from on-farm collections
    •  Farmers can contact their local Regional Consultant for more details.

drumMUSTER Regional Consultants Have:

  • Trained 1,614 people to become drumMUSTER inspectors in the past three years,
  •  This is an average of 1.9 trained inspectors per site
  •  All inspectors must have a refresher course every three years.


Figures updated on 28 February 2020