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Bundaberg Kicking drumMUSTER Goals

Published: 07-03-2012

Bundaberg Regional Council and Impact Make Your Mark’s hard work and dedication to the cause has ensured more than 300,000 agvet chemical containers have been recycled in the region through the drumMUSTER program.

Eight collection sites around the area are all up and running smoothly and as of last month, the 2011/12 financial year has seen over 40,000 containers already disposed of locally. Not-for-profit disability employment assistance organisation Impact Make Your Mark Manager Tim Van Kooten is proud to play such a vital role in this successful set-up. The organisation is responsible for processing the local sites, arranging on-farm collections and hosts its own collection site.

“Our partnership with the program started in around 2004 and at the time we were the first company in Australia to do on-farm pick-ups,” he said.

“We pick up containers in approximately a 100-kilometre radius around Bundaberg and we also have quite a few farmers drop them off at our Materials Recovery Facility.  It’s a very good service and to put it in perspective, if you piled the containers we’ve collected on top of each other, it would reach 120 kilometres into the air!”

drumMUSTER’s Queensland Regional Consultant Colin Hoey roams all over the state covering thousands of kilometres through his role with the program, but made special mention of the terrific efforts of the Bundaberg area.

“This really is a significant milestone for the area,” he said.

“The joint approach to the program by the Council and Impact Make Your Mark has given farmers in this region the best service available and their hard work is reflected in these outstanding results.”

For any further infirmation on the drumMUSTER service or to find your nearest Qld collection site, give Colin Hoey a call on 0428 964 576.