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Who’s Involved

drumMUSTER’s success is due to the contributions of many.

From the point of manufacturer, through the retail chain, to chemical users and the recycling process, everyone plays their part. These include:

  • AgVet Chemical Manufacturers
  • AgVet Stores
  • AgVet Chemical Users
  • Local Councils and other Collection Agencies
  • Inspectors
  • Processors

AgVet chemical manufacturers are responsible stewards for their products. By participating in the drumMUSTER program, along with the support of AgVet stores, they are showing their commitment to our industry and the environment.

Using products from participating brands and making sure the containers are suitable for collection is an important part of the drumMUSTER process. The work of farmers, chemical users and inspectors cannot be underestimated.

The co-operation of local councils and community groups also helps us to expand our network and make drumMUSTER easier to use. This is a partnership that we are particularly proud of.

Once drums are returned and inspected, participating processors collect and recycle containers.