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Recycled Product

After your containers have been delivered and inspected through the drumMUSTER process they are collected by our team of approved processors.

The plastic containers are either shredded, granulated or heat-extruded back to a resin suitable for plastics component production.

These extruded materials are manufactured into a new range of products that you see in the community every day.

Some of the products drumMUSTER recycled materials go into producing are:

  • Wheelie Bins
  • Fence Posts
  • Irrigation Pipes
  • Underground Cable Cover
  • Bollards
  • Barstools (Concrete Supports)

The metal containers are recycled through the normal metal recycling process.

The use of recycled materials into new products not only means that less containers are going into landfill, but it also means that less virgin materials are being produced into plastic or metal items.  This all helps to conserve natural resources and lowers Australia’s carbon emissions.