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The ABCs for your IBCs

drumMUSTER does not accept bulk containers for recycling, the program can only accept containers between 1-205L. However, the good news is the return, reconditioning and recycling of most IBCs is managed by a number of proprietary programs.

ABCs for your IBCs – fact sheet

Schutz Australia

Schütz Australia

Schütz Australia’s Ticket return service allows resellers and end-users to return their empty Schütz IBCs for collection and reconditioning. When an IBC is empty and returned by the grower, stores should contact Schutz to arrange a collection. This is a free service – all return freight is covered by Schütz!  Stores must have a minimum of 4 IBCs on hand. Schütz will collect from distributors within 10 working days of collection booking. Empty containers don’t require rinsing however some quality conditions apply. Details of the collection conditions are on the ticket located on the label plate of the IBC or the website. Schütz also runs a collection program for some 100-120L drums used by growers – minimum 10 drums. Schütz may also be able to arrange an on-farm collection for you so to arrange a collection or discuss the options, visit or phone: 03 9360 9291.  Schütz branded IBCs are collected free of charge:

  • The IBCs must not be damaged
  • The container must be completely drained
  • Label plates, product labels and hazardous material labels must be legible
  • Discharge valves and/or other closure systems must be in place and operable
  • Download the Schutz App: search for “Schütz Ticket Service”

Astron Sustainability Collection Service

Astron Sustainability Collection Service for herbicide, pesticide and fungicide IBC, the An IBC collection service subject to the Astron IBC Collection Ticket T&C’s:

  • IBCs are in a re-usable condition
  • IBCs are empty and free from outside contamination
  • All openings are hermetically closed with original lids, taps & caps
  • The last filling good is clearly indicated on IBC labels
  • If the last filling good was toxic, flammable, carcinogenic, mutagenic or excessively hazardous or smelling, the IBCs have been neutralised so as not dangerous to workers
  • No other products than those indicated have been filled into the IBCs
  • MSDS are available and will be submitted on request

Click the link below for further information.

Tank Management Services

Tank Management Services (TMS) provide a collection service for IBCs in the Eastern States (NSW, QLD & VIC). The following conditions apply:

  • Containers must be empty
  • All collections subject to prior approval from TMS

Visit  to view the T&Cs. To arrange a collection, phone 1800 333 124 or visit the TMS website for more information.

Resellers are encouraged to support industry waste-reducing initiatives by sourcing products that have a sustainable pathway for the disposal of IBCs and enviro drums. Together we can continue to reduce the number of containers entering the distribution supply chain and increase the reuse/recycling of containers.