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Collection Agencies / Councils

Councils and other organisations including community groups become involved in the program by signing an agreement with Agsafe to provide drumMUSTER services.

These drumMUSTER program partners are directly contributing to:

  • less crop production and animal health chemical containers ending up in landfill
  • finding an environmental and sustainable solution to AgVet container disposal issues for farmers and other chemical users
  • the conversion of  waste  into a valuable resource
  • a cleaner environment for you, your family and your community

drumMUSTER aims to provide a service to all chemical users across Australia and continues to develop services in all areas.

The program provides regular training for councils and collection agency staff in the safe handling, cleanliness, inspection and storage of the returned drums. Training also covers the reporting required to track the program’s performance at each site.

For more information about partnering with drumMUSTER, contact your regional consultant or call 1800 008 707.

Request drumMUSTER Inspector Training

If your organisation would like to have someone undertake the drumMUSTER Inspector training, please click the link below to fill out the form and submit it to our team.