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“The drumMUSTER program has been well accepted and highly beneficial to our farming sector in Tasmania. Our intensive and diverse production systems coupled with quality assurance requirements mean that local drumMUSTER services are invaluable to our clients. The success of the program is a reflection of the farming community’s commitment to do the right thing by the environment, the clients they serve, and the community at large.”

Ian Scutt, Chief Executive of Serve-Ag Pty Ptd


“This was my third time helping out at the drumMUSTER. I have been doing work placement with some farmers that participate in the muster. It is a great experience to help out the environment and keep the earth healthy and the farmers happy.”

Hannah Mae, Young Farmer, Victoria


“I think drumMUSTER’s great, it’s a really good service. The ease of convenience for me is great, when I go up the tip and I’ve got 20 containers to take up, I just bring them in and sign the paperwork.Anything that can be recycled and minimise the impact of using these chemical containers, if you can recycle them, is just fantastic.

I always make sure the guys triple-rinse them with the washings in the tank and we clean them out, we don’t worry about puncturing them, that’s fine, we take the lids off and just send them in clean.”

James Harris, award-winning Viticulturalist from KarriBindi Wines in Margaret River, WA


“It comes back into our system where it’s turned into something useful. From the top end all the way down, it all just works really, really well. I reckon it’s a great thing for everyone involved.”

Perry Ruffels, Veolia Environmental Services, TAS


“I’ve been involved with drumMUSTER about four years now, as long as it’s been going out to the shire.

It’s a really good way of disposing of our chemical drums and now the shire has taken it on at the rubbish tip and it works out very well for us!”

Maureen Dobra, owner of Loose Leaf Lettuce Company in Gingin, WA


“It’s very easy for us and our students to use drumMUSTER.

The local fire brigade inspect our drums and set their dates. They’re very user friendly, so when we need to empty out we just ring them up and they come and met us at the transfer station and away they go.”

Andrew Bulmer, owner Bulmer Fresh Farm Vegetables in Lindenow, VIC


“You try and do the best to look after the environment because if you don’t do it your business is going to be compromised as a result.

But by the same token I don’t want to have to carry the burden of having all these drums possibly sitting on the farm and creating an environmental hazard.

I’ve already paid the levy for containers to be disposed of, to me it’s not that difficult to load up a trailer once a quarter, take them in and I know they’re gone and they’re off the place and they’re disposed of in the correct manner.”

Bruce Watson, grain grower and Nuffield Scholar based in Parkes, NSW