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drumMUSTER YouTube Channel

drumMUSTER has its own YouTube channel. Here are a few of our videos to help you understand how the program works with communities, councils and resellers.

Farm Waste: The growing problem of plastic farm waste

Plastic is a versatile farming tool but it’s difficult to dispose of and only a small amount is recovered for recycling. Landline looks at some solutions to help combat the problem of plastic waste on farms.

NEW!3drumMUSTER marks 30 million milestone

drumMUSTER – Beating the Drum

A short animation about the drumMUSTER process for school children.


drumMUSTER‘s Simple Steps

A useful video on the basics of drumMUSTER.


The drumMUSTER program 

Everything you need to know about the program.


Rinsing video

Some advice on how to properly rinse AgVet containers.