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Making more time for drumMUSTER collections

Published: 01-06-2012

Kempsey locals can now dispose of their drumMUSTER labelled containers for free any day of the week after making a quick appointment with the Waste Management Centre.

For years farmers and other commercial chemical users in the region have wanted a more convenient way to properly dispose of their empty product containers.

drumMUSTER is an industry led waste reduction initiative to recycle non-returnable agvet, turf and pest-control chemical containers. When you buy products withthe drumMUSTER logo you’re not slugged with any further costs to recycle drums.

The program also makes chemical manufacturers responsible for the products they produce.

Kempsey Shire Council wanted to make it easier for the community to recycle. They’ve been making constant improvements to help encourage everyone to do the right thing with their waste.

As part of their efforts the centre’s entire staff have been trained in drumMUSTER collections to be able to accept empty residue-free containers and drums anytime of the year, free of charge.

Northern NSW drumMUSTER Consultant Phil Tucker said he was impressed with the council’s efforts with the program.

“The service meets the needs of the community in terms of drum collection and the team work well together. They’re really doing a great job over there,” he said.

Kempsey Shire Council’s new Waste Strategy Officer, Gavin Hughes said he “wanted to make sure all the agvet chemical users know there was a way for their drums to return into the system to help keep new products more affordable into the future. While dropping off drums, locals can visit the re-use centre to find some hidden treasures. Next time you come into town, please make a day out of it!”

The Kempsey Waste Management Centre can be found on Crescent Head Road. To book for a time to drop off your drums call the gatehouse staff on 6562 2042.

When making bookings it is important to confirm the number of drums that have been rinsed for any residues, inside and out. Drums should also display the drumMUSTER logo and have the caps removed to bring along separately to recycle.

For any further information on the drumMUSTER program, call 1800 008 707 or log on to