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drumMUSTER heads to Henty Field Days

Published: 11-09-2012

drumMUSTER is dusting off the boots in preparation for this year’s Henty Field Days where it’ll celebrate collecting its 20 millionth chemical container.

The three day farm machinery exhibition will mark the start of a new era for the national recycling program which has kept 25,000 tonnes of plastic and metal out of landfills during the 13 years it’s been running.

To celebrate, drumMUSTER is inviting some of the partners, friends and volunteers who have done their bit towards reaching the significant milestone and making environmental history at the same time.

ABC’s Landline presenter, Pip Courtney, will MC the event and keep things light and entertaining with a range of renowned guest speakers.

drumMUSTER National Program Manager Allan McGann said the milestone couldn’t have been reached without the hard work from thousands of people from community groups, councils and processors who assist with the program’s operations every day.

He said they joined the tens of thousands of farmers, pest and weed controllers that use the program to recycle their containers.

“It took us eight years to collect the first 10 million drums and in a little under five years we have reached 20 million,” he said.

“It just goes to show how far we’ve come and the progress we’ve made in such a short period of time. Farmers know and recognise our signature brand and continue to use the service because they know how important it is to keep their farms clean and ensure a sustainable future.”

drumMUSTER is now more popular than ever with 762 sites scatted across the country, 60 of which have opened this year and are now available for deliveries.

The sites are manned by hundreds of councils and community groups including Landcare associations, charities and local sporting clubs who have all jumped onboard.

The industry led waste reduction initiative to recycle non-returnable agvet chemical containers from participating manufacturers has signed a further 10 new manufacturers to join its 98 signed players in the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme with Agstewardship Australia, who are responsible for overseeing the program.

Once collected, the containers are shredded or granulated and transformed into practical items such as plastic cable covers, wheelie bins and cement reinforcing bar chairs.

For any further information on the drumMUSTER program, call 1800 008 707 or log on to