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drumMUSTER Song hits YouTube

Published: 03-10-2012

drumMUSTER continues to dominate social media by launching its own YouTube channel.

Our debut hit is the music video to the drumMUSTER Song to share with a brand new audience.

After reaching 20 million drums we decided to let our hair down and share a bit of our past with those who have been with us for more than a decade.

The song was recorded back in 2003 and was written and performed by Lee J. Collier.

The idea was to create a catchy and informative song that would be played on country music stations around the country.

Sadly the song never saw the light of day.

It soon found new life in local drumMUSTER TV ads as a backing jingle, but it never did the song justice.

Here it is in its entirety for your own viewing pleasure.