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drumMUSTER kicking goals for Silo Challenge

Published: 12-10-2012

As the story goes in 1992 AFL superstar Billy Brownless stopped at Mirrool in NSW on his way to a wedding and kicked a footy over the town’s 32 metre high grain silos.

From that day on locals and visitors continue to gather every year for one day in October and attempt the amazing kick again at the Mirrool Silo Kick Challenge.

For the last seven years organisers of the challenge have been heavily involved with drumMUSTER by running a collection site next to the giant silos in an effort to raise some extra money for the town.

More than 23,000 drums have been inspected and recycled through the Silo Kick Challenge team helping raise more than $5700 for projects in town.

Mirrool’s drumMUSTER compound is also famous for bringing in the state’s 5 millionth drum late last year.

This year drumMUSTER will continue to support the unique tradition by introducing a new game for the challenge day: drum tossing. Try your luck at throwing empty containers into a bin to win some prizes.

President of the Silo Kick Challenge Committee Des Delaney said drumMUSTER has been a huge boon for the town and the event.

drumMUSTER has been very good for us here. It’s one of the better collection centres around and farmers recognise that,” he said.

“Crops have gone in and it’s before harvest so we’ve been busily keeping up with the drums coming in.”

The committee hold a drumMUSTER twice a year for local growers in the region looking to get rid of their empty agvet chemical containers.

“We have a sausage sizzle and kids muck around on the day, so it’s a bit of fun for everyone. The last one we had was in September and we saw about 2000 drums come in.

Des said all the funds raised through inspection of the drums goes back into the community.

“One of our projects included building a new toilet and shower block at the local caravan park here. It also went into new park upgrades and a shed extension.”

Des said along with drumMUSTER and the money raised through the silo kick challenge the community saw more than $13,000 towards projects last year.

“About 450 people attended the event last year. It’s not a bad effort for a town of only 200.”

Mirrool is only one of the six community groups that organisedrumMUSTER’s around the Bland Shire.

They include the Yalgogrin Progress Association, Tallimba P & C, Kikoira Public Hall Trust, Ungarie Sports and Rec Centre and Naradhan Transfer Station.

The Mirrool Silo Kick Challenge kicks off at 1pm and will wrap up around 6pm on Saturday 13th October, Mirrool, NSW.