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Chittering Shire gets active drumMUSTER style

Published: 01-11-2012

Chittering Shire Council staff have rolled up their sleeves and got down to work in preparation for this month’s drumMUSTERcollection day.

The council will ramp up their agvet chemical container recycling after more than two years without a collection.

Five staff members have been fully trained in drum inspection and have been busily organising Bindoon Landfill to get ready for the collection day in late November.

It comes as a relief for local farmers who have been without a proper service since 2010. The council decided to arrange a collection day after some local growers called on the council to help them get rid of their empty chemical containers.

Western Australia drumMUSTER Consultant Bevan Henderson said he expects to see a few more drums to be collected this time round.

“The community has grown a fair bit over the past two years, so there’s a chance we might see a few more drums pass through Bindoon’s gates this month,” he said.

“What’s great is that the council are responding to farmers who have been asking when drumMUSTER will be back. There’s an obvious demand and I’m glad the council is getting active and doing something about it.”

Since 2000 the landfill has collected 4646 drums. The council’s last collection in September 2010 was their biggest yet collecting 448 drums in just a few hours.

Bevan said a lot of horticulture, dairy and livestock farmers the region would be using drumMUSTER.

“The newly trained Chittering Shire inspectors are ready to take your drums. All you have to do is ring up, book in a time, drop off your clean container and away you go: it’s that easy.”

The shire will hold their next drumMUSTER on Friday 23rdNovember at Bindoon Landfill during opening hours. For more information on times and directions call the council on 0427 699 500.

drumMUSTER has reminded everyone to make sure drums are free of chemical residue and are dry before being collected. Metal drums should be pierced to allow better airflow for drying. Plastic drums need to have caps removed with their labels on. There’s no need to pierce plastic containers.

For any further information on the drumMUSTER program, call 1800 008 707 or log on to For all local enquiries, get in touch with drumMUSTER’s North Western Australia Consultant, Bevan Henderson on 0428 089 780.

01 November 2012