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Packaging Changes: 100-120L Plastic containers

Published: 30-06-2013

Further to our previous memo sent out June 2013, the list below has been amended following changes made by some companies to their distribution of 100-120L containers.

Sinochem Australia, Syngenta, Kenso Agcare and Landmark have return systems in place for their 100-120L containers.

drumMUSTER will accept containers from the companies listed below at collection points. Containers must meet the accepted cleanliness standards and the suction probes and any metal components must be removed prior to delivery. Containers not meeting the cleanliness standard or with metal components still attached should be rejected. Collection agencies should not offer a cleaning service for these containers.

Agro Alliance CMS Trade Ospray
Agrichem Colin Campbell Chemcials Ozcrop
Apparent Delaval Simplot
Becker Underwood Hextar Sinon
Chemtura Nutrian Victorian Chemical Company (120L Only)


There may be other chemical manufacturers who have inadvertently placed the drumMUSTER eligible container logo on their 100-120L containers. If they are not included in the above list their containers cannot be accepted.

For further information please contact your local regional consultant or call the drumMUSTER office on 1800 008 707.


Example of non-returnable container.


drumMUSTER eligible container logo