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A few empty drums go a long way

Published: 02-09-2013

Sporting groups, P&C Associations and Lions’ Clubs have raised more than $230,000 through drumMUSTER collections for farmers across Western Australia.

More than 20 groups across the state hold drumMUSTER collections for farmers and other chemical users who are looking to get rid of their empty and clean agvet chemical containers.

Groups are rewarded in cash for each drum they collect.

Trayning P & C are getting ready for drumMUSTER’s September campaign to help raise money for the local primary school. Since starting collections in 2001 the group has raised more than $10,000.

President of the Trayning P & C Bronwyn Shannon said she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty by helping members inspect drums.

She said the money goes towards school camps, equipment and other needs.

“Members, past and present, get involved with drumMUSTER,” she said. “The program has been a big raiser for us. I think as long as the school’s here we’ll be doing drumMUSTER for as long as we can.”

In the small wheatbelt town of Newdegate, the local Community Development Association has helped raise more than $20,000.

Over the years, the Newdegate group has improved their local children’s playground equipment and erected a purpose-built gazebo shelter to house the historic Lanz Bulldog tractor that was donated to the community by the Newdegate Machinery Field Days committee.

Newdegate Committee member Roz Lloyd said their very first collection was sorting through a stockpile of more than 15,000 drums.

“We did an enormous amount of drums when we first started, which included a huge stockpile that immediately brought in $8,000 for our group. $5,000 of that went to the tennis court resurfacing,” she said.

“We could have never done that without the drumMUSTER money.”

North Western Australia drumMUSTER Regional Consultant Bevan Henderson, who’s trained hundreds of volunteers, said local community groups have been vital to the program in rural WA.

“Councils usually take on the responsibility for local growers and chemical users, but where there’s an opportunity to provide it to groups and charities that can really benefit from the cash we give it to them,” he said.

“I urge all farmers to support the local collections as the funds raised are used for local charities and community groups.”

Since 1999, drumMUSTER has collected more than 22 million drums nation-wide. WA has helped collect more than 3.5 million of that total. That waste now avoids landfill and is recycled into new and useful things again, like plastic cable covers, wheelie bins and pipes.


1. Newdegate Community Development Association members build gazebo for historic Lanz tractor.