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drumMUSTER calls on farmers to clean-up before fire season

Published: 18-09-2013

Australia’s agvet chemical container recycling program, drumMUSTER is calling on farmers around NSW to clean-up their properties of any empty agvet chemical containers in the lead-up to bushfire season.

With early bushfires threatening homes in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, now is the time to take in all eligible plastic and metal containers to your nearest drumMUSTER site.

drumMUSTER National Program Manager Allan McGann said stockpiles of empty containers caught in a blaze could cause potential hazards for fire fighters.

Containers damaged in bushfire.

“Not only will you be clearing up your properties of unsightly containers, farmers and chemical users will be avoiding having to deal with them during a potential crisis,” he said.

“Make sure all chemical containers are disposed and recycled safely through programs like drumMUSTER.”

The program also helps support local fire service volunteer groups who collect and inspect drums for their region.

Groups like Mangrove Mountain Rural Fire Service can afford new gear and equipment for the team thanks to collecting drums through drumMUSTER.

Allan said community groups, fire volunteers and sporting groups all benefit from promoting the program in their region.

“These groups are rewarded for their efforts and are able to make their communities a better place,” he said. “In some cases even make them safer.”