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drumMUSTER delivering a sustainable future to WA farmers

Published: 03-10-2013

The program which collects empty agvet chemical containers for recycling is hoping to break records in Western Australia after wrapping up its recent campaign.

drumMUSTER promoted 100 sites across the state where farmers can drop off their eligible chemical containers used to protect crops and livestock.

Every drumMUSTER site can be found on drumMUSTER’s interactive map and with even more sites moving to year-round opening times, it’s never been easier.

The campaign involved engaging local farmers through radio, television and print while also speaking to farmers directly.

Dave Blakers at Capel Farms is one of those growers and knows the benefits of programs like drumMUSTER.

Dave said for the last 13 years the profitable horticultural business has involved drumMUSTER as part of its environmental waste management system.

“We have a few skip bins catering for recyclable and non-recyclable materials,” he said. “All waste is taken off site and dealt with in an appropriate way.”

Dave said he was glad a new site opened up in nearby Capel two years ago.

“Before Capel opened we had to travel about 30 kilometres to Donnybrook to deliver drums,” he said.

Waste holders can return their drumMUSTER eligible containers at the Capel Waste Transfer during normal opening hours, Monday- Friday.

Southern WA Consultant Graeme Passmore said the new Capel site has been a major success, with more than 1200 drums inspected and collected at the site since 2011.

“Capel is just one success story for drumMUSTER in Western Australia,” he said.

“Not only does it provide an environmentally safe avenue for on-farm container waste, the program has also helped communities around the state.

drumMUSTER supports dozens of community groups who rely on collecting drums as part of their fundraising efforts.”

WA drumMUSTER community groups have raised more than $230,000 since 1999, more than any other state or territory in Australia.

In the last 14 years, drumMUSTER has collected more than 22 million drums nation-wide. That represents more than 27,000 tonnes of waste avoiding landfill. About 3.6 million of that amount has been collected in Western Australia, or 4488 tonnes of material.

For local questions, call South Western Australia drumMUSTER Consultant Graeme Passmore on 0429 933 307. For any further information on the drumMUSTER program, call 1800 008 707.