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Maindample CFA holds drumMUSTER

Published: 03-11-2013

A group of local fire fighters are calling on farmers, growers and other agvet chemical users to bring in their empty drums to help them buy new equipment.

The Maindample CFA has been collecting drums at the Mansfield Works Depot to raise money for new equipment and upgrades for the past five years. The brigade collects 25 cents for each drum they inspect.

The collection will be held at the Mansfield Shire Depot on Larkins Road, Saturday 9 November, 9am-11am.

Victorian drumMUSTER Consultant John Knight said for each drum farmers deliver, the CFA are one step closer to buying lifesaving equipment.

“The Maindample CFA collection has become a vital source of funding for the volunteer fire-fighters. About 3000 drums converts to $750 in cash for the CFA,” he said.

“The CFA inspect the drums to make sure they’re clean and ready to be recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly way.”

John said more farmers need to use the program to make it viable for the CFA.

He said given the large amounts of cropping in the region there is bound to be thousands of drums just waiting to be recycled.

drumMUSTER not only clears the land of these unwanted containers but helps prevent thousands of tonnes of waste from clogging up landfill,” he said.

“If the decline in deliveries continues the CFA are considering abandoning the program in search of more reliable fundraising.”

The site has collected and helped recycle 9485 drums since it was established in 1999.

Remember to rinse all drums. Pierce metal drums to allow for better air-flow after rinsing. Plastic drums also need to have their lids removed before delivering.

Since 1999, drumMUSTER has collected more than 22 million drums nation-wide. That represents more than 27,000 tonnes of waste avoiding landfill.

For more information contact Victoria’s drumMUSTER Consultant John Knight on 0427 346 325.