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Now’s the time for a summer clean-up in QLD

Published: 04-12-2014

Now’s the time for a summer clean-up

With the summer season upon us, now is the time to recycle empty agvet chemical containers before the storm season begins.

Growers are urged to take advantage of the drumMUSTER program to recycle their drums.

“It’s good practice to dispose of drums on a regular basis, and I urge all growers to deliver their drums to a collection site at least once a year,” said Colin Hoey, drumMUSTER Regional Consultant. “The process is very simple and it’s a great way to keep your farm clean and tidy whilst doing your bit to help the environment.”

Horticulture regions in Queensland have access to numerous collection sites, most of the time just down the road at the local tip or Waste Transfer Station. Growers can easily find their nearest site by entering their postcode or town on the drumMUSTER website (

“A receipt is issued on delivery and is suitable as proof of waste removal processes in all farm QA programs.”

drumMUSTER is heading towards recycling 25 million drums and horticulture growers are urged to participate in reaching the milestone.”

“And while you’re out looking at your agchem shed, take a note of chemicals which are unwanted, expired or no longer permitted and book them in for the next ChemClear collection which will happen in Queensland by mid 2015. You can easily register your unwanted chemicals online or by calling 1800 008 182.”

Mr Hoey added, “I am happy to assist growers with ChemClear bookings on the contact number below.”

The drumMUSTER industry stewardship program was set up in 1999 and has gone from strength to strength with 780 collection sites across Australia. Queensland farmers have solidly backed the program, triple rinsing and recycling 389 000 drums last financial year, one of the highest figures in drumMUSTER’s 15 year history. The containers end up as useful products such as plastic cable covers, wheelie bins, road signs and bollards.

For further information on the drumMUSTER or ChemClear programs, call Colin Hoey on 0428 9643 576 or (02) 6230 4799.


drumMUSTER is supported by the Smartcane BMP program. (Custom)

Photo provided by CANEGROWERS