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drumMUSTER approaching record numbers of recycled containers

Published: 15-01-2015

The drumMUSTER message continues to be spread far and wide across Australia.

A significant milestone is expected to be reached in 2015, and the very impressive 25 millionth container is just around the corner according to Program Manager Allan McGann.

Mr McGann said, “we are approaching a significant milestone in the program’s history and there are only 200,000 more containers to be collected before we reach the 25 million mark”.

Mr McGann continued, “in just the first 4 days of January 2015, we have received 16,000 containers so we are off to a great start this year”.

“With over 780 sites, drumMUSTER is available nationwide. We would like chemical retail stores to assist with the stewardship of their products and encourage their customers to clean up their farms before the winter cropping programs begin”, Mr McGann added.

The drumMUSTER participation rate has steadily climbed around the nation with Queensland having the largest increase of 24% compared to the previous year.

A significant contribution to the rise could be down to Agsafe’s marketing campaigns, it has been actively engaging industry groups and promoting through their internal membership channels. This has given drumMUSTER and ChemClear a more direct and respected avenue of communication to the chemical users.

Communications Officer/Coordinator, Nick Arnott-Job said, “there has been a visible rise in numbers, especially in Queensland where Sugar Cane Growers and Banana Growers have been particularly responsive to our campaigns”.