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drumMUSTER and ChemClear fulfil industry QA and government needs

Published: 09-02-2015

For the last 15 years, hundreds of chemical users have relied on drumMUSTER to regularly dispose of their empty agvet chemical containers.

During this time, the program has recycled over 24 million drums and continues to be the most successful agvet container recycling program in Australia.

In particular, there are now more opportunities for chemical users in metro regions to dispose of their empty drums with more organisations offering the drumMUSTER service.

In addition to drumMUSTER, ChemClear provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a collection and disposal pathway for their unwanted chemicals.

Since entering the agricultural waste sector in 2003, the program has collected more than 455,000 litres of hazardous chemicals.

The drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs are ideally set up to meet state government legislation for container disposal. This includes the disposal of agvet chemicals to protect the environment, public health and workers.

In addition, the programs fulfil chemical user requirements for quality assurance (QA) programs. By utilising the services of each initiative, chemical users are provided with documentation that demonstrates they are meeting their responsibilities for on-farm waste management of chemicals and used containers.

But drumMUSTER and ChemClear are more than just a tick in the box for QA. They represent a firm commitment from local businesses to doing the right thing for the safety and reputation of their customers, their community and their staff.

drumMUSTER National Program Manager Allan McGann said chemical users should take advantage of both programs to satisfy their QA auditors.

“Using programs like drumMUSTER and ChemClear not only show you’re meeting the requirements of QA programs, but you’re also preventing waste from ending up in the wrong place,” he said.

While the program is often associated with farmers, drumMUSTER is a suitable solution for pest control and turf operators.

A four cent per lt/kg levy is applied to participating manufacturer’s products and paid by the consumer at the point of sale. Participating manufacturers are identified by the inclusion of the eligible drumMUSTER logo on their containers, and there are no transfer station or landfill fees when delivering these drums to any collection site. A receipt is issued on delivery which is proof of participation for industry QA and government schemes.

A significant milestone is expected to be reached in 2015, with the impressive 25 millionth container just around the corner.

“We are approaching a momentous time in the program’s history and there are less than 100,000 containers to be collected before we reach the 25 million mark,” said Mr McGann.

This is an exciting achievement for drumMUSTER and the program urges you to join the growing band of chemical users who are being proactive with farm waste recycling.

drumMUSTER operates 796 collection sites across Australia. To find your nearest site, simply enter your postcode and state under ‘Collection locations’ on this website. A map will appear with the closest site in your area marked.