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Help Lindenow CFA raise vital funds

Published: 21-05-2015

Australia’s agvet chemical container recycling program drumMUSTER, which is run by Agsafe, is calling on chemical users in the Gippsland region to support the next collection being undertaken by Lindenow Country Fire Authority.

drumMUSTER National Program Manager Allan McGann said stockpiles of empty containers caught in a blaze could cause potential hazards for firefighters.

“By participating in the collection you will you be clearing your property of unsightly containers and reducing the risk of having to deal with them during a crisis,” he said.

For each container that farmers deliver, the CFA are one step closer to buying lifesaving equipment.

“The Lindenow CFA collection has become a vital source of funding for volunteer firefighters,” said drumMUSTER regional consultant Vernon Keighley. “For example, 3000 drums converts to $750 in new gear and equipment for the team.”

CFA member and coordinator of the drumMUSTER collections John Douglas said, “The funds raised through the program have allowed us to buy torches and lighting. This year we will use the money raised to update a forward command vehicle.”

Operating out of Lindenow Transfer Station on Snobbs Lane, the CFA have collected and helped recycle 22,923 drums since it joined the program in 2008.

“We have invited other CFAs in the area to also bring drums to our collection site and we give them half of the 25 cents per drum donated by drumMUSTER,” said Mr Douglas. “In this way we increase the total amount of money raised and distribute it evenly into the local community.”

Mr Douglas is passionate about drumMUSTER and enthusiastically leads a strong team with eight new inspectors being trained in the past two years.

“John keeps his finger on the farming pulse and has noted an increase in return rates over the last couple of years, most likely as a response to the introduction of on-farm quality assurance programs such as EnviroVeg,” said Mr Keighley.

“Farmers are now ringing him to make sure they can obtain a receipt for their drums to show their auditor. It is not unusual for the Lindenow cage to be absolutely full with bookings for more.”

To find out when the next Lindenow CFA collection is scheduled, contact Mr Douglas on (03) 51571574 or 0418589016. All containers presented at the collection site must be well rinsed so as to be free of any chemical residue.

To learn more about the drumMUSTER program, call 1800 008 007.