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Carnarvon farmers urged to muster their drums

Published: 08-10-2015

Over the past few years, drumMUSTER has made huge strides to make it easier for agvet chemical users across Western Australia to dispose of their empty agvet chemical containers.

The Carnarvon Shire Council has provided an excellent service to local farmers, collecting 16,818 containers since April 2008 when the Carnarvon Browns Range Landfill Site was established.

In particular, there has been a significant improvement in container returns over the past two years, with 5,000 drums accepted at the site during this time.

However, in some instances, the cleanliness standard of some containers being presented has been less than satisfactory.

It is the farmer’s responsibility to rinse their drums before delivering them to a drumMUSTER compound.

Proper chemical container rinsing can save money. Dirty containers with leftover residue could contain up to $10 worth of product.

The program suggests the following steps to prevent chemical users from pouring money down the drain:

  1. Rinse out drumMUSTER containers immediately after using them.
  2. Pour the rinse water back into the spray and and ensure the container is clean throughout.
  3. Remove lids and puncture metal containers.
  4. Allow drums to dry.
  5. Check drums again for any leftover reside and rinse if residue remains.
  6. Return them to the nearest drumMUSTER

The Carnarvon Browns Range Landfill Site is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00am to 5:30pm. No bookings are required.

drumMUSTER has recently trained new staff at the waste facility to diligently inspect the containers delivered for recycling.

Clean, triple-rinsed containers will be stored in the drumMUSTER compound, but unrinsed, dirty containers will not be accepted.

For further information about the drumMUSTER program, call the Carnarvon Shire Council on (08) 9941 0000 or Regional Consultant Bevan Henderson on 0429 089 780.