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Lift and load your drums with JK Plastics

Published: 23-11-2015

drumMUSTER is proud to announce a new service for chemical users being offered by JK Plastics that has made recycling even easier.

JK Plastics was established in Sydney in 2011 and has been working with drumMUSTER since August 2014.

“Our strong commitment and dedication to responsible plastic recycling practices is paramount,” said Belinda La Faber, Business Development Manager at JK Plastics. “This is particularly demonstrated through our work with the drumMUSTER program.”

The new ‘Lift and Load’ service offered by the company will provide the turf and horticultural industries in the Sydney Basin, including golf courses, sportsgrounds, council parks and gardens, with an even easier way to dispose of their empty agvet containers.

Ms La Faber said, “As a drumMUSTER approved processor and collection agency, we are always developing new ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the collection of clean chemical drums.”

To participate in the service, chemical users must have at least two open top intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) – one for 20 litre containers and a second for smaller containers. Each IBC should contain 35–80 drums respectively. If you do not own any IBCs, please contact drumMUSTER Regional Consultant Vernon Keighley to find out how you can get them.

When IBCs are full, users should contact JK Plastics by calling 0416 146 675 or emailing [email protected] to register a pick-up. The IBCs are then lifted onto the back of a flatbed truck and replaced with two empty IBCs.

drumMUSTER Regional Consultant Vernon Keighley has nothing but praise for the new service.

“Belinda found drumMUSTER online and contacted me as she liked the concept of container recycling and was looking for a program with cleanliness credentials. I had a good feeling from our first meeting – I was impressed with a young brother and sister making a real go of it with a small family enterprise. Since then, their business has grown. Not surprising, given their hard work, enthusiasm and innovation.”

He also acknowledges that accommodating drumMUSTER has not been without its challenges for the processor.

“JK Plastics started by loading loose drums onto the back of a truck, but this was not cost efficient, hence the introduction of the ‘Lift and Load’ concept. They have no cleaning facilities so the drums have to be spotless before collection and Belinda has been great in communicating this message to drumMUSTER clients in a friendly way, which they really appreciate and understand.”

Mr Keighley was keen to work with Belinda and her brother Jason to find ways to make the service work.

“They have been very cooperative and it has been a great journey. It’s early days with ‘Lift and Load’, but I’m looking forward to seeing it develop with the support of the turf industry in securing IBCs and filling them up with shiny clean empty drums!”

Stuart Martin, Golf Course Superintendent at the North Turramarra Golf Club, has been participating in drumMUSTER for two years and has noticed a steady increase in the amount of drums being returned in his area. He now employs the ‘Lift and Load’ service on a regular basis.

“We started with two IBCs and are currently up to six. We are a major collection point in the North Shore, with three other golf clubs and various chemical users bringing their drums to us for collection by JK Plastics. I’ve always found Belinda to be extremely helpful and professional and I encourage others in the Sydney region to take advantage of this wonderful service.”

All agvet containers presented to JK Plastics must have their lids off and be triple rinsed so as to be free of any chemical residue.

To learn more about the drumMUSTER program and ‘Lift and Load’ visit or call Mr Keighley on 0406 745 030.

To participate in the service, chemical users must have at least two open top intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).