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Canegrowers maintain support for drumMUSTER

Published: 25-11-2015

Over the last three years a focus on environmental management and waste reduction on cane farms has increased drum returns from sugar growing areas under the drumMUSTER program.

drumMUSTER and CANEGROWERS run a joint promotional campaign in the lead up to summer that has had excellent results.

Last year more than 2400 growers delivered over 135,000 empty agvet chemical containers to various collection sites in Queensland in response to the November promotion.

With the 2015-16 summer fast approaching, increased participation continues to be the principal goal of both drumMUSTER and CANEGROWERS.

“It makes sense for us as farmers,” said Paul Schembri, Chairman of CANEGROWERS Queensland. “It’s such a convenient and responsible way to dispose of our farm chemical drums – its clean, its safe and the program is supported by the sugarcane industry’s very own Smartcane BMP program. Within the next year I believe every sugarcane grower who can access drumMUSTER will be well and truly part of and fully using the program.”

drumMUSTER Regional Consultant for Queensland Colin Hoey endorsed the comments from the Chairman.

“It would be great if every canegrower in Queensland visited a collection site at least once a year. We saw a fantastic result at the end of last season, so the challenge ahead is to build on this and encourage every grower to choose drumMUSTER as their first choice for empty drum disposal – it’s convenient and free for eligible containers.”

drumMUSTER collection sites are spread across the state, with the majority receiving drums without the need for an appointment. A receipt is issued on delivery which is proof of participation for industry programs such as Smartcane.

All containers presented at the collection must meet the program’s cleanliness standards, rinsed so as to be free of any chemical residue to ensure the safety of handlers.

“Now is the perfect time to act,” said Mr Hoey. “Please encourage your neighbours and local community to support the program.”

As well as utilising drumMUSTER, growers are urged to register any unwanted chemicals through the ChemClear program.

drumMUSTER National Program Manager Allan McGann said chemical users should take advantage of both programs to satisfy their QA auditors.

“Using programs like drumMUSTER and ChemClear not only shows you’re meeting the requirements of QA programs, but you’re also preventing waste from ending up in the wrong place,” he said.