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drumMUSTER now available at Pickering Brook

Published: 17-02-2016

Thanks to the support of General Manager Bruno Del Simone from the Hills Orchard Improvement Group, chemical users in the Pickering Brook region now have a brand new drumMUSTER collection point to deliver their drums for recycling.

Empty agvet chemical containers are now accepted during office hours at the Hills Cold Store located at 951 Canning Rd, Pickering Brook.

Once collected, the containers are sent for processing where they are shredded and transformed into practical items such as plastic cable covers, wheelie bins, road signs and bollards.

“Responsible management of empty containers is an important part of horticultural QA programs and drumMUSTER makes disposal easy by providing local collection points” said National Program Manager Allan McGann. “The bonus is that disposal and recycling through drumMUSTER diverts containers that could end up in landfill.”

“We definitely welcome the collection point at Pickering Brook and encourage all farmers in the area to participate in the program.”

Since drumMUSTER began in 1999, Western Australian chemical users have returned 4.2 million containers. Nationally, over 27 million drums have been collected.

Over the past five years in particular, drumMUSTER has been creating innovative solutions in Western Australia for the horticulture and orchard industries, as well as users who work in pest control and turf management. New services range from swap-out cages on reseller premises, to bulka bags for golf clubs to transfer drums to accumulation depots.

The program is free to chemical users thanks to a 4 cents per litre/kilogram levy on eligible products, being those produced by chemical companies who have signed onto the stewardship program. Eligible containers will show the drumMUSTER logo displayed on the container or the label.

All containers presented at the collection must meet the program’s cleanliness standards. Containers must be triple rinsed so they are free of any chemical residue.

The new collection point at Pickering Brook is a great opportunity for all farmers to implement or maintain sustainable waste management practices.

For further information about delivering your drums at Pickering Brook, call drumMUSTER Regional Consultant Graeme Passmore on 0429 933 307 or Bruno Del Simone on (08) 9293 7162.