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drumMUSTER supports industry innovation

Published: 19-10-2016

As part of the drumMUSTER program, chemical users are required to take responsibility and cleanliness for their drums, with the process asking for the drums to be rinsed free of residue. Resistance to this process is high when there are a number of drums to be cleaned and the resulting state of drums can be substandard.

Doug Ward, from Injury Free Solutions is looking to facilitate responsible recycling practices through ‘The Triplerinser’. This was created to make the drum rinsing quick, easy and conserving the water required for cleaning. The Triplerinser is a multi-fold, innovation in Better Management Practices (BMP) saving time, chemical and labour costs for the agricultural producer, ensuring a cleanliness and safety standard for the drum recycling and handling, and reducing chemical contamination of soils and rivers.

The Triplerinser is currently an entry in the Cairns Council Innovation FNQ Awards, under the ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Show your support by voting for the Triplerinser via the following link