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MEDIA RELEASE: Future sustainability of drumMUSTER program enhanced

Published: 21-01-2019

The drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs have been extremely successful stewardship programs in Australia for AgVet chemical containers and chemicals. The programs are supported across the AgVet and primary producer industry, and have operated through strong partnerships between manufacturers, distributors, primary producers and local government.

For the past 20 years these programs have been funded through a levy of four cents per litre or kilogram on the sale of eligible AgVet chemical. Whilst AgStewardship Australia has reduced administrative and governance costs to around 5% of levies collected, the costs of collection and stewardship have continued to increase. Therefore the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has authorised AgStewardship Australia to increase the levy on eligible AgVet chemical from four cents per litre or kilogram to six cents. This is the first increase in the levy since inception in 1998 and will come into effect on the 1 July 2019.

The increase in levy funds will maintain the sustainability of the programs, allowing drumMUSTER collections to be maintained to the 800+ collection sites across Australia, as well as identifying and address gaps in collections. The drumMUSTER Consultative Committee will be re‐established by AgStewardship (the collector and trustee of the levy) and this will maintain a high‐level of community and stakeholder engagement.

The increase will allow the drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs to continue to deliver quality stewardship services to rural communities as well as ensuring a sustainable future in recycling.

Bruce Papps, the Chair of AgStewardship Australia has said “This increase will allow the continuation and improvement of these successful programs and importantly will help facilitate increased consultation with stakeholders and interested parties.”

Check the interactive map for drumMUSTER collection sites at or phone 1800 008 707.

Register unwanted chemicals online at or
phone 1800 008 182.


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For more information contact:
Dominique Doyle, Agsafe General Manager – 02‐6206 6888

This Media Release has been approved and distributed on behalf of AgStewardship Australia.