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MEDIA RELEASE: Imtrade Australia rejoins the drumMUSTER Program

Published: 10-09-2019

Agsafe is pleased to advise that Imtrade Australia, has decided to rejoin the drumMUSTER & ChemClear programs effective immediately.

As such Imtrade containers are eligible and can be accepted at all drumMUSTER collection sites effective immediately.

Please notify all your Council’s drumMUSTER Inspectors that Imtrade containers are back in the program and should therefore be accepted from all chemical users delivering these containers for inspection at your site.

It is anticipated that Inspectors will come across some Imtrade containers delivered that do not hold carry the drumMUSTER Eligible container logo due to the timeframe in which Imtrade was not participating in the program and their recommencement.  These containers should be accepted and it is expected that all Imtrade containers will be carrying the logo in the near future.

Agsafe is pleased to welcome Imtrade back to the Industry’s Stewardship program. Inspectors can keep up to date with a  full list of participating manufacturers at