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COVID – 19. Update on drumMUSTER Activities

Published: 27-03-2020

Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, drumMUSTER have advised all Community Groups that participate in the program to cease all future collections until further notice.

This was not an easy decision for Agsafe to make for the drumMUSTER program. It is however to protect the safety of all volunteers and members of community groups that participate in the program. Agsafe understands that community groups receive much needed funding from the collection of containers. However, at this stage we have to keep public safety front of mind and abide by government protocols during this extraordinary time.

Councils and Collection Agencies (not community groups) will decide as to whether to continue drumMUSTER operations at this time. Some landfills and transfer stations have been closed until further notice. Please check with your local council for further information on current operations or visit for the latest updates. You can find your nearest drumMUSTER collection point (including current operational status) at

Again, we thank all who continue to support the program, and hopefully in due time things will return to normal. We will communicate with all community groups and program stakeholders with any updates as we navigate through this period.

As an industry, Australia’s agriculture, primary production and food systems, including all agribusiness and farming input industries, and their respective supply chains, have been declared essential as we face the challenges of COVID-19.

These industries will not be shut down and their employees and service providers who are required to travel interstate are eligible to do so for the purposes of work.

For further information please contact drumMUSTER.

Tel: (02) 6206 6888
Email: [email protected]