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drumMUSTER collects 36 million containers!

Published: 21-09-2020

We’ve just collected our 36 millionth container for recycling!

For over twenty years Aussie farmers, agvet chemical manufacturers and resellers, councils and local community groups have been supporting the drumMUSTER program.

A recent collection at Mukinbudin, WA

By doing so, they’re supporting a sustainable farming future for the next generation. As well as Council run collections, there are many community group run drumMUSTER collections which bring in vital funds for their organisations.

Congratulations to all involved, and keep up the amazing work you all do.

Containers are granulated and recycled into products such as farm fence posts and wheelie bins
Farmers bring in their drums to a site in the Barossoa Valley, SA

So Rinse them out, Round them Up, and Run them in.

Remember, Every Container Counts.