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drumMUSTER donates $1800 to Hopetoun & District Historical Society

Published: 23-10-2020

Hopetoun Historical Society members Ron Wiseman and Barbara Hallam, (accepting the cheque from Beau Duthie), and Gwyn Wiseman.

A total of 7168 drums were collected from the Hopetoun North West Ag drumMUSTER compound on 30/7/2020.

This time the funds from the program were donated to the Hopetoun & District Historical Society. $1800 in total.

Barb Hallam, accepted the donation on behalf of the group. The funds will be used for the general upkeep of the old Hopetoun homestead.

DrumMUSTER recently celebrated over 36 million containers collected since its inception 21 years ago.

This means that they have been recycled instead of being burned, buried or sent to landfill. These empty drums are deposited by farmers and must be triple rinsed, drained and have the lids removed as well, to be an eligible drumMUSTER container.

The drums are chipped on site and the plastic is onsold to a company in Brisbane who manufactures recycled products from the plastic.

Congratulations and thankyou to all those farmers who support the program.

North West Ag is proud to voluntarily facilitate the program in Hopetoun.

So Rinse them out, Round them Up, and Run them in.

Source: Hopetoun Courier & Mallee Pioneer (22/10/20)