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Beyond the bin with agvet containers

Published: 09-11-2020

Over 120 chemical manufacturers have signed up to the drumMUSTER program.

Today marks the 25th year of National Recycling Week. It is a week that provides an important opportunity for councils, workplaces, schools and individuals to improve their recycling knowledge, build better recycling habits and build trust in recycling.

Agsafe’s product stewardship program drumMUSTER, has built trust over 21 years through the recycling of agvet containers and continues to lead the recovery of plastic waste in the agricultural sector.

The theme for this year’s Recycling Week is ‘Recovery – A future beyond the bin’.

Agvet containers are delivered to drumMUSTER collections sites around Australia for recycling.

This aligns well with drumMUSTER as one of the many products that the recycled agvet containers are made into are in fact, wheelie bins. 36 million containers have been returned to the drumMUSTER program by Australian farmers. That’s 40,000 tonnes of plastic agvet containers, and if placed end to end would encircle the entire Australian coastline.

36 millions containers have been collected

It is because of the chemical manufacturers that voluntarily sign up to the program, the farmers that bring in their drums, and the many councils and community groups that hold collections that these used containers are given a second life instead of being placed in landfill or being buried or burnt on farms.

Truly, a future beyond the bin.