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NT Farmers embracing drumMUSTER’s new mobile baler

Published: 02-12-2020

Photo: Simone Cameron of NT Farmers and drumMUSTER speaking at the Waste Symposium.

In October, the annual Local Government Association of the NT (LGANT) held its annual Waste Symposium in Darwin. This year’s theme was ‘Exposing the sexy in waste management’. NT Farmers Association hold the current contract for the drumMUSTER program and oversee the collection of AgVet recyclable containers in the NT and Kununurra.

With the operation of a new small transportable auto-baler, the NT program has been reinvigorated. In the short space of two months, over 4,500 drums in the Katherine region alone have been collected through the drumMUSTER program. Discussions at the symposium were had around the value of being able to adequately service more remote regions of the NT, with a targeted aim to collect 30,000 drums annually.

With the mobile baler, NT Farmers are able to service more remote areas, and are aiming to collect 30,000 drums from the region annually.

This is an achievable and more realistic aim now that the auto-baling unit is operational. More producers and regional councils can engage in the program as the recycling and baling of drums is now more accessible making the logistics of transporting of the agvet drums to a recycle depot more viable.

One of the key objectives of this baler is for NT Farmers to service the northern members and encourage territory-wide stewardship.

To find the nearest drumMUSTER location to you, visit: