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QLD ChemClear collection coming in July

Published: 15-04-2021

Farmers and chemical holders will need to register their agvet chemicals by 13 June

Queensland agvet chemicals holders will have an opportunity to safely dispose of their unwanted or obsolete chemicals with a ChemClear collection scheduled for July and August this year.

With the recent floods through much of the eastern parts of the country there may be chemicals that have become unidentifiable, making this is a timely service to remove these agvet chemicals from properties and businesses. Following Cyclone Yasi, and the floods that occurred during that event in 2011, over 52,000 litres of agvet chemicals were registered and collected with the assistance of the QLD Government.

Agvet chemical that are part of the drumMUSTER program are collected free of charge, with other chemicals (group 2) incurring a fee for service.

Chemicals that are part of the drumMUSTER program are collected free of charge.

As part of any flood/disaster recovery program, Agsafe is working with the QLD Government in a bid to secure funding for the collection of group 2 chemicals to enable farmers and chemical holders to safely dispose of their unwanted agricultural chemicals with minimal cost.

Registrations are open until 13 June.

For more information visit or call 1800 008 182, or call QLD Regional Consultant Colin Hoey on 0428 964 576.