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Bega Valley Council sets up new drumMUSTER collection point in Bermagui

Published: 26-05-2021

The new drumMUSTER cage at Bermagui

Farmers and agricultural and veterinary chemical users now have a local drumMUSTER collection site in Bermagui. With the new cage now in operation, locals can drop off their used eligible chemical drums to the site at the Bermagui Waste and Recycling Depot during weekdays.

The new cage was installed this month following the loss of the Cobargo cage during the fires in January 2020. drumMUSTER Regional Consultant for the area Vernon Keighley said the new cage would allow agvet chemical users to safely dispose of their drums. “drumMUSTER provides the chemical user with a safe and environmentally responsible pathway of removing their drums from the land to be recycled through the program. In the past these drums would be transferred to landfill, and in some cases buried or burnt on farms.

“I commend the Bega Valley Shire Council for working with drumMUSTER in providing local farmers with a new collection point that will allow them to recycle their containers”.

The Council’s Landfill and Transfer Station Coordinator, David Screen has been working with Mr Keighley and has been instrumental in getting the new cage up and running and knows the benefit it will have.

“Thank you to drumMUSTER for the supply and installation of a new cage at Bermagui Waste and Recycling Centre. This is a valuable service and Council is proud to work with drumMUSTER to provide a place where these drums can be dropped off for recycling.” Said Mr Screen. 

For those wishing to recycle their drums, please ensure they are triple rinsed and have the lids removed as this is a different plastic to the containers. For more information about container cleanliness standards, you can visit the drumMUSTER website at