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Primary students promote drumMUSTER

Published: 17-02-2022

Students from Salmon Gums Primary School with their posters.

Salmon Gums Primary School P&C in the Esperance Shire of Western Australia recently held a poster competition for the students to help promote drumMUSTER to the local region.

The children designed posters and then distributed these around the town in the windows of local businesses.

Another drumMUSTER poster from a student

Tanya Guest is a local parent and farmer helping drive the promotion of drummuster. Tanya has been working closely with Salmon Gums Primary School Principal, Sasha Vooght-Simpson to involve the local P&C with the drumMUSTER in the area.

The winners of the poster competition received cash prizes, along with the knowledge they are contributing to the health of the land in the region by helping spread the word about recycling empty agvet containers.

Students from Salmon Gums Primary School with their prizes.

Well done to all involved, particularly Tanya Guest, Principal Sasha Voogth-Sipson, drumMUSTER Regional Consultant Graeme Passmore, and of course the students of Salmon Gums Primary School.