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drumMUSTER a success in the Riverina

Published: 02-08-2022

Reviewing the continued successful operation of the drumMUSTER program locally, are
Schools’ Fund committee members, Tony Grant, Brendon McCoullough and Michael
Sinclair, with Sally Hurst, from Temora Shire Council.

SIMPLE and environmentally friendly way of recycling empty farm chemical containers continues to also benefit Temora’s primary schools.

The drumMUSTER stewardship program has been operating
in Temora since 2008. The program encourages users of chemical containers to dispose of them in a legal and environmentally conscious manner.

Drum collection is co-ordinated by the Shire Council, with eligible chemical containers inspected and received at the Landfill depot.

Money received for the recycled drums locally is directed to a Schools’ Fund that is distributed regularly to three Temora primary schools.

A total of $27,855 has been shared between Temora Public, Temora West and St Anne’s Primary schools. Latest distributions of $1100 bring the total each school has received to $9285.

DrumMUSTER provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible empty agvet chemical containers

The program is supported by agvet chemical manufacturers, industry stakeholders which includes member and farming associations, state and local governments.

There are strong environmental incentives for utilising drumMUSTER, with warnings of serious side effects of disposing of chemical containers by other means, such as burial or burning, including residual contamination and the release of toxic dioxins.

There can be legal ramifications for incorrectly disposing of waste. Recycling drums is also a requirement for Sustainable Grain Australia. If you sell grain and sign the declaration that you meet the requirements for Sustainable Grain Australia – drumMUSTER receipts are required for the audit process.

The Schools’ Fund committee gathered recently to distribute funds and expressed thanks on behalf of their respective school communities to all who support the program, with special thanks to Temora Shire Council, and Agsafe.

The support of Temora Shire Council has been integral to the success of the program, and includes the provision of staff to inspect and collect the drums.

Nutrien Ag Temora has also been a valuable contributor to the
overall fund tally. Fund treasurer, Jenny McRae, was thanked for her ongoing efforts.

Empty and clean eligible chemical containers (carrying the drumMUSTER logo) can be delivered through drumMUSTER at the Temora landfill site during regular opening times, with prior appointment necessary for inspection.

The chemical user should ensure there is no chemical residue in and on the chemical container. This can be achieved by the triple rinse method and caps must be removed. The container can then be taken to the local collection point.