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Agsafe welcomes InSense Pty Ltd to the drumMUSTER container recycling program.

Published: 27-10-2022

Agsafe is pleased to advise that InSense Pty Ltd, has joined the drumMUSTER & ChemClear programs from October 2022.

Insense Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and managed Animal Health company.

InSense Pty Ltd offer a range of distinctive and unique products for horticulture. Their products and services are focused on protecting fruits and vegetables from harsh and extreme weather conditions, including their Parka cuticle supplement for maintaining the integrity of fruit and foliage.

InSense product Parka is accepted at all drumMUSTER locations.

There will be a period before containers carry the drumMUSTER Eligible Containers logo. New container labels will have the logo printed on them. Current warehouse stock will be stickered with the drumMUSTER Eligible Containers logo. Existing product in distribution will not have the logo applied.

As such, all InSense Pty Ltd drums can be accepted at all drumMUSTER collection sites effective immediately.

Inspectors can keep up-to-date with a full list of participating manufacturers available on the drumMUSTER website at

The drumMUSTER program has collected and recycled almost over 40 million AgVet containers since operations began in 1999. This equates to nearly 43,000 tonnes of agricultural plastic waste that has been diverted from landfill or saved from being buried or burned on farms.


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