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drumMUSTER expands reach in South Australia with two new collection sites

Published: 26-02-2024

drumMUSTER® is pleased to announce the addition of Riverland Bottle Depot and F Stephens & Son as new collection points for AgVet containers. This service expansion reinforces drumMUSTER’s commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible AgVet container disposal, enhancing the accessibility of recycling services for the agricultural community in South Australia.

As valued new providers of the drumMUSTER program, these two new sites will serve as a vital collection point for farmers and businesses seeking a convenient location to responsibly dispose of their empty AgVet containers. Riverland Bottle Depot will service the Berri region and F Stephens & Son will service the Virginia region. This engagement reflects the shared vision of drumMUSTER, Riverland Bottle Depot and F Stephens & Son in promoting environmentally conscious practices within the local agricultural sector.

drumMUSTER plays a crucial role in the responsible recycling of agricultural and veterinary chemical containers, ensuring that they are diverted from landfills and repurposed into valuable products. By expanding their network of collection points, drumMUSTER aims to make the recycling process more accessible for farmers, reinforcing the importance of sustainable waste management.

“We are thrilled to welcome Riverland Bottle Depot and F Stephens & Son to the drumMUSTER program as dedicated collection points for AgVet containers. This expansion signifies a collective effort towards fostering environmental responsibility in the South Australian region. By providing an accessible location for container disposal, we aim to make it easier for local farmers and businesses to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment,” said Allan McGann, drumMUSTER Manager at Agsafe.

Farmers and businesses nationwide are encouraged to utilise drumMUSTER’s 830 collection points across Australia for their empty AgVet containers. Eligible containers carry the drumMUSTER logo. This service expansion reflects drumMUSTER’s ongoing commitment to building a sustainable and resilient agricultural community.