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drumMUSTER update: March 2024

Published: 08-03-2024

Highlighting the importance for drumMUSTER collection agencies to submit monthly claims

In December 2022, Agsafe’s stewardship program drumMUSTER introduced drumDRIVE, a new database to easily manage collection and reimbursement costs. One key change in the process was that drumMUSTER now directly reimburses approved processors for their services, sparing collection agencies from paying upfront and then seeking reimbursements.

To keep the whole process running smoothly, we would like to take this opportunity to politely remind all collection agencies of the importance of regularly updating their inspection data. This ensures that the claims submitted by approved processors align accurately with the actual number of drums collected. It’s a monthly routine that plays a pivotal role in keeping the reimbursement process accurate and hassle-free.

To make this process easier, collection agencies can now submit inspection invoices directly through drumDRIVE for reimbursement.

We would like to thank those proactive collection agencies who are already on board, diligently keeping track and promptly submitting claims. If you have any questions or need a hand navigating these changes, please reach out to the drumMUSTER team at [email protected] or give them a call at 02 6206 6088.

Your cooperation is not just appreciated – it’s essential for ensuring the drumMUSTER program stays accurate and efficient.

Reminder: Only clean, eligible drums will be accepted

It is crucial that only clean and eligible containers with the drumMUSTER logo (see below) are accepted. Trained inspectors must examine all drums before acceptance. Should you require new personnel to be trained (valid for 3 years) or current inspectors  to update their training, please contact our team. Inspector training can be provided either face-to-face or through our online training program.

There have been reports from approved processors about unclean drums in cages during processing, including instances of metal components mixed with plastic containers. This poses risks to workplace health and safety, machinery breakdowns, and contamination of recyclables, impacting both our processors and downstream recycling activities.

Upon reviewing site audits, it has come to our attention that some collection sites are accepting 110-liter Schutz drums. These containers are not eligible under the drumMUSTER program and must be rejected. Users should contact Schutz for collection or return the drums to their supplier.

Please ensure that the following requirements are being adhered to:

  • All individuals delivering drums must sign the Container Cleanliness Declaration form before the inspection of the drums.
  • Only eligible containers will be accepted. To see the full list of manufacturers and suppliers participating in the drumMUSTER program – click here.
  • All drums will be inspected to ensure they are free of chemical residue before acceptance.
  • All lids must be removed.
  • Unclean drums will be rejected and returned to the user.
  • Drums should be stacked on their side in the collection cages to ensure they remain dry and free of rainwater.

drumMUSTER values the support of all collection agencies as we continue to provide a valuable service for all AgVet chemical users to recycle their unwanted containers.


drumMUSTER program updates – FAQs

To help you understand and communicate the recent changes to the drumMUSTER program, we’ve written some FAQs aimed to provide clarity and address any queries you may have regarding the changes. If you have any questions about the drumMUSTER program or the updates, please reach out to our team, we are here to help.

Q: What is the cost for dropping off drums at the collection site?

A: Dropping off your eligible drums at the collection site is still free. Just make sure they have the eligible drumMUSTER sticker, are triple rinsed, and have the caps removed. To find your nearest collection site, visit

Q: Are the products priced higher to accommodate the program cost?

A: The pricing structure depends on the manufacturer/retailer.

Q: Does the new business model affect the inspection process?

A: The inspection process remains unchanged. You still need to submit your claim through the database and attach the invoice. Inspection costs remain the same, and we highly recommend submitting your claims monthly to ensure we have accurate data.

Q: Does the new business model impact the processing of drums?

A: There is no change in drum processing operations, and processing costs remain the same. Email your invoice to [email protected] to prevent payment delays and ensure a smooth transaction.