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For all the latest news, collection dates and profiles about drumMUSTER.

  • Bega Valley Council sets up new drumMUSTER collection point in Bermagui

    Last updated: 26-05-2021
    The new drumMUSTER cage at Bermagui Farmers and agricultural and veterinary chemical users now have a local drumMUSTER collection site in Bermagui. With the new cage now in operation, locals can drop off their used eligible chemical drums to the site at the Bermagui Waste and Recycling Depot during weekdays. The new cage ...
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  • QLD ChemClear collection coming in July

    Last updated: 15-04-2021
    Farmers and chemical holders will need to register their agvet chemicals by 13 June Queensland agvet chemicals holders will have an opportunity to safely dispose of their unwanted or obsolete chemicals with a ChemClear collection scheduled for July and August this year. With the recent floods through much of the eastern...
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  • Community groups collect 5 millionth container through the drumMUSTER program.

    Last updated: 27-03-2021
    drumMUSTER has helped Clare State School purchase laptops, iPads and 3D printers. Australia’s longest running agricultural waste management program recently celebrated a significant milestone.  The 5 millionth agvet chemical container was collected for recycling by community groups through their local collectio...
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  • Agsafe committed to helping farmers clean-up after natural disaster

    Last updated: 25-03-2021
    With the recent floods across New South Wales and Queensland, many farmers that store agvet chemicals will have been impacted. During flooding chemical containers can be damaged and become unidentifiable. CropLife Australia’s agricultural stewardship subsidiary, Agsafe, provides a service to safely collect and dispose of ...
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  • Agsafe welcomes Spraytec and CropSure to the drumMUSTER container recycling program.

    Last updated: 27-01-2021
    Agsafe would like to welcome the participation of Spraytec® and CropSure to the drumMUSTER agricultural and veterinary (AgVet) container recycling program. By participating in our product stewardship program, Spraytec® and CropSure have demonstrated their commitment to the environment as well as sustainable farming pr...
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  • Five ways to cool your chemicals

    Last updated: 14-12-2020
    This summer, ensure your chemicals are kept cool. With soaring temperatures expected over the summer period, drumMUSTER recommends chemical users and suppliers perform some simple safety checks on their stored products.  The effect of heat can reduce the effectiveness of a product and UV radiation can degrade plastics, ...
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  • NT Farmers embracing drumMUSTER's new mobile baler

    Last updated: 02-12-2020
    Photo: Simone Cameron of NT Farmers and drumMUSTER speaking at the Waste Symposium. In October, the annual Local Government Association of the NT (LGANT) held its annual Waste Symposium in Darwin. This year’s theme was ‘Exposing the sexy in waste management’. NT Farmers Association hold the current contract ...
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  • Beyond the bin with agvet containers

    Last updated: 09-11-2020
    Over 120 chemical manufacturers have signed up to the drumMUSTER program. Today marks the 25th year of National Recycling Week. It is a week that provides an important opportunity for councils, workplaces, schools and individuals to improve their recycling knowledge, build better recycling habits and build trust in recycling...
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  • drumMUSTER donates $1800 to Hopetoun & District Historical Society

    Last updated: 23-10-2020
    Hopetoun Historical Society members Ron Wiseman and Barbara Hallam, (accepting the cheque from Beau Duthie), and Gwyn Wiseman. A total of 7168 drums were collected from the Hopetoun North West Ag drumMUSTER compound on 30/7/2020. This time the funds from the program were donated to the Hopetoun & District His...
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  • Pingelly farmers round up the drums for the local Men's Shed

    Last updated: 20-10-2020
    Locals bring in their drums for the Pingelly drumMUSTER The Pingelly Men’s Shed in Western Australia held a drumMUSTER collection recently. Almost 2,000 drums were brought in by the local farmers. This was a fantastic result thanks to everyone involved. A big thank you to Graeme Passmore our Regional Consultant...
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